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Mr Lloyd Howell, Mr Chris To and Mr James McAvoy formed the BCA in 1999. The Founding principle was to provide individual and group support for the Dissemination of Brazilian Capoeira within the United Kingdom. The BCA is a non profit making organisation, whos funds are raised and used for the benefit of its members, through the supplying of insurance facilities and by the sponsoring of Masters of Capoeira within the United Kingdom.

The BCA also provides for medical and nutritional advice for members through the good offices of Dr Derek Martin: Dr Derek Martin is Olympic Doctor to the British Paraplegic swimming team and Medical Director of the BCA. Funds for the BCA are raised by the issuing of memberships and by goods sold through the BCA merchandising. An executive directorate controls the BCA, and it is this directorate that agrees the funding for individuals or groups within the BCA.

  • Click below for a copy of the BCA Consortium

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BCA Application for Membership

Current members of the BCA:
Group Senzala - Anglia
Group Senzala - Scotland
Group Abolicao - Oxford
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TMAF Public Liability Form 1

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TMAF Claim Form

For more information about the BCA, how your group can join and application for membership, please contact the BCA Secretary: