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Capoeira Martial Art of Brazil Lloyd Howell & F. C. C. Albuquerque

The first Capoeira book written by Prof. Carrousel and Mestre Gato, of Group Senzala, is a fantastic introduction into the history of Brazil and Capoeira. It also boasts chapters on basic movements, sequences and songs.

A great book for those beginning training who are eager for and insight to Capoeira.


The Little Capoeira Book, Nestor Capoeira

The first of Nestor's books to be published in English. It gives brief introductions to the history, music and the game of Capoeira with an extensive chapter on learning the basic movements and terms of Capoeira. Brilliantly illustrated, and simple to follow every Capoeiristas first bible.


Capoeira, A Brazilian Art Form, Bira Almeida

Mestre Acordeon presents to us a complete overview of Capoeira, from history, philosophy, music and the game.

A book, which could be read over and over, discovering each time another piece to the puzzle. Featuring some key and historic images of Capoeiras life so far. Another great resource, for the English speaking Capoeirista.


Capoeira - Roots of the Dance, Fight, Game - Nestor Capoeira

The second of Nestor's books to be published in English. Considered to be an extension of the first. More in depth history into Capoeira and Brazil, delving deep into some of the philosophies and events, which helped path the way to how Capoeira is to this present day. Similar to the structure of the first, it contains movements and training techniques for the advanced Capoeirista.

A big book, with masses of information and resources for the advanced Capoeirista

More reviews to come soon. If you would like to comment on any of these reviews, you can make your voice heard on the Roda Message board.